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Upcoming Token Generation Event and More Exciting News!

Castle of Blackwater
Upcoming Token Generation Event and More Exciting News!

Greetings to our Valued Community,

Reflecting on our journey fills us with pride. Witnessing our progress and achievements in such a brief period is truly remarkable. Your unwavering support and companionship have been pivotal to our success. It’s with great anticipation that we unveil the next chapter in our story.

Celebrating Our Milestone: The Token Generation Event (TGE)

We’re thrilled to inform you that, following our successful Initial DEX Offering (IDO), the eagerly awaited Token Generation Event (TGE) is set for tomorrow, the 29th of March, at 4:00 PM CET. This momentous occasion marks the beginning of $COBE trading on UniSwap DEX, signaling a significant milestone in our project’s timeline. Shortly thereafter, trading of $COBE will also be available on Beam Swap (click me), along with the activation of cross-chain functionality between Beam and Ethereum through Beam Bridge (click me).

Additionally, we’re committed to ensuring the Beam Faucet (click me) is replenished, enabling everyone to claim free Beam and participate actively within our ecosystem.

Exchange Listings and Tracking

In line with our TGE, $COBE will also debut on (click me) and MEXC (click me), with trading commencing concurrently at 4:00 PM CET. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding additional exchange listings.

For real-time tracking of $COBE’s market performance, we recommend visiting CoinMarketCap (click me) and CoinGecko (click me).

Introducing the xCOBE Shop and Airdrop

Coinciding with the TGE, we are excited to launch the xCOBE shop on our website. Participants of our $COBE play2airdrop campaign and NFT stakers will be the first to enjoy this new feature, receiving $COBE tokens directly into a staking protocol. These tokens will be staked for 28 days in the xCOBE protocol, entitling you to xCOBE credits, which can be exchanged for exclusive in-game items, including cosmetics, animations, and the highly coveted Griffin pet.

Following the initial staking period, you’ll have the option to either claim your $COBE or reinvest it for an extended period, thereby earning additional xCOBE and increasing your chances of securing rare NFT game items.

Deep Dive into Our Token Launch Strategy

For those keen on understanding the intricacies of our token launch strategy, we invite you to explore our comprehensive blog post on this topic at Castle of Blackwater News (click me). Here, you’ll gain valuable insights into our strategic approach, ensuring you’re fully equipped for the upcoming developments.

Prepare for Tomorrow

As we approach this pivotal event, we encourage you to ensure your wallets are prepared for the TGE and shop launch. We’re excited to witness the continued growth and evolution of our community as we venture into these new territories together.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm. Let’s unite to make tomorrow’s events a monumental success in our shared journey.

Important Note: Please be aware that details may be subject to adjustments. We recommend keeping a close watch on our official communication channels for the latest updates and information.