Trust no-one
15 strangers are trapped in a castle of danger and deception, with a mission to complete tasks and escape with their lives. Some will work together, forming bonds and strong alliances.

Others will pretend and deceive, with their own interests at heart. In the ever-lasting battle between good and evil, only one side will survive to claim the Castle’s victory. When lives are at stake and the truth has no meaning, who will you trust?
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Meet the factions
Blackwater Town is home to three distinct factions. After familiarising themselves with the rules and risks of the Castle of Blackwater, new villagers can pledge their allegiance and loyalty to a faction, receiving exclusive access to their hideout and community in return.

The origin of each faction is detailed in the Castle of Blackwater backstory.
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The protectors
The first faction to rise up with the creation of Blackwater Town. Created and led by the great Earlwind Axelot himself, it distinguishes itself through teamwork, compassion and trust. When challenging the castle, The Protectors work together to complete challenges and keep each other safe. Outside of the castle, they can often be found worshiping the Stone of Truth in their faction hideout.

The protectors can succeed in the castle by discovering and voting out all of the Satanic players. They can also win by completing enough challenges and filling up the XP bar to 100%.
The Satanic
Created by the infamous Kazamir Darkbourne, the first to discover the castle’s curiosity for sacrifice. Founded a few centuries after Earlwind’s disappearance, The Satanic attract those that have grown tired of playing nice. Guided by their endless hunger for power, they try to win the castle’s favor through deception and sacrifice. Their faction hideout was created out of the depths of the Earth, fueled by lava and rage.

To be victorious in their challenge, the Satanic players have to eliminate the Protector players without getting caught. They also have access to secret passageways to get around the castle.
The Forgotten
The origins of The Forgotten remain a well-kept mystery, buried in the depths of history. Their insanity guides them, their secrets define them and we don’t even know where they hide them. Having lost their sense of direction between good and evil, they thrive within the chaos that ensues between them. Guided by their selfish goals and gains, The Forgotten have a way of playing everyone’s games.

The Forgotten players can win or lose their game independently of the other factions’ win conditions. Simply completing their individual mission will grant them their victory.
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