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Rudolph’s Treasure Hunt

Castle of Blackwater
Rudolph’s Treasure Hunt

🌙 Attention, Blackwater Villagers!

A shadow looms over our tranquil hamlet. The notorious Rudolph, a creature of legend and terror, has broken free from Blackwater Castle’s mystical confines. This beast, driven by a relentless search for his lost sack of gold, now roams our streets.

Dare to join the quest to restore peace to our beloved Blackwater Town?

A Mystery Shrouded in Shadows

The tale of Rudolph, the fearsome werewolf, is as old and enigmatic as the Castle of Blackwater itself. Penned in the ancient tomes by the legendary mage Earlwind Axelot, Rudolph’s origin remains a cryptic enigma, a chilling chapter in our history.

Once believed to be eternally trapped within the castle’s haunting walls, where he preyed on unwary souls, Rudolph has now emerged into our world. His presence sends a shiver down the spine of every villager, a menacing threat to all who dare cross his path.

The Quest for the Cursed Treasure

Contrary to the fearsome tales, Rudolph’s recent sightings paint a different picture. Eyewitnesses speak of a creature in turmoil, obsessed with reclaiming a centuries-old treasure trove of gold coins. His mission is clear: reclaim the stolen gold and retreat to his shadowy realm.

In an unexpected twist, Rudolph extends an olive branch to our bravest challengers. Join him in his quest for the gold, and he vows to leave our village in peace. But be warned – if his treasure remains lost, his wrath will know no bounds, and his thirst for vengeance will turn bloodthirsty.

The Call to Adventure

The Council of the Protectors issues a rallying cry to all courageous souls. Embark on this perilous journey and aid in solving this ancient mystery. The first to unravel this enigma will be rewarded with riches beyond imagination.

Do you have the valor to confront this challenge and save Blackwater Town from its impending doom? Venture to our town hall (Discord) to commence your quest.

Good fortune, brave challenger, and may your courage shine bright in the face of darkness! 🏰💰🐺