Patch notes

Patch Notes

Castle of Blackwater
Patch Notes

The Blackwater Castle team is attentive to your feedback. We will continue to release patches to enhance your experience within the Castle. An overview of all new updates and bug fixes in the list below.

V0.1.4 build (all platforms) – April 4, 2024


Elixir SDK Integration: For those using the Elixir launcher, say goodbye to manual logins! Your email is automatically fetched from Elixir, speeding up the account creation or login process based on your account status.


Movement Input Overhaul: We’ve addressed the lag in movement input that affected mini-games involving physics. These are now handled in a separate scene to ensure smooth gameplay, unaffected by the new movement input system.

Mic Unmute Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where players silenced in the voting round remained muted after being voted out, preventing them from unmuting themselves.

Vigilante vs. Knight Shield: Corrected the interaction where a Vigilante attacking someone protected by an active knight shield would mistakenly die; now, the knight shield is correctly deployed.

Ghost Players Visibility: Resolved an issue where alive players could occasionally see ghost players.


General Bug Squashes: Thanks to your reports via our Sentry system, numerous specific bugs have been fixed.

V0.1.0 build (all platforms) – March 20, 2024


○ Tutorial screens! First-time users will now see some introduction tutorial screens. These are also accessible from the in-game UI.


○ Implemented a new start-of-game spawn animation with cool red crystals.


○ Fixed a bug where dead ghosts weren’t hearing the ambient music anymore during the voting round.


○ Fixed an exploitable bug where players could stand in a specific spot and steal all souls that spawned.

○ Fixed a bug where werewolf could enter the safe zone.

○ Fixed some bugs related to the deadly duel not picking the right winner.

User interface and User Experience:

○ Fixed issues surrounding the opening of the dead shop.

Communication systems:

○ Fixed a bug where players would disconnect from voice chat functionality after playing a game, without being able to reconnect.

○ Fixed a bug where a dead satanic could still talk in their private satanic chat to their alive satanic team mate.

V0.0.5 build (all platforms) – March 12, 2024


○ Implemented the integration of MetaMask with your account on our website. Upon linking your wallet, we scan for Castle of Blackwater NFTs in your possession. The quantity and faction of your NFTs determine an NFT multiplier, which is then used to calculate your position on the leaderboard and estimate your $COBE airdrop allocation.

Introduced a new referral program. Each user is provided with a distinct referral link, found in their account on our website. By sharing this link and successfully recruiting new players who complete a game, the referrer earns extra beta points. This increases their portion of the $COBE airdrop in the play2airdrop campaign.

○ Transferred all assets from to

○ Completed the migration to our custom backend system. This new infrastructure offers enhanced flexibility for developing features and architectures previously unattainable.


○ Developed a new power-up for Satanic players in the dead shop, allowing them to lock the safezone for a night cycle.

User Interface and User Experience:

○ Overhauled our backend to a fully custom solution, removing any limitations on API calls and enabling more efficient data collection from players for their statics on the play2airdrop.

○ Improved the announcement phase with better visuals and transitions, including rescaled images for dead body cards and smoother day cycle announcements.

Sounds & Animations:

○ This update includes new UI elements, sounds, and animations for the day-night cycle notification when the new power-up is active.


○ Enhanced our voice chat logging to more easily identify and address instability issues. Also introduced a debugging tool that automatically forwards player logs in the event of errors.


○ Fixed the inability to navigate from the email to the password field using the TAB key on the log-in and sign-up screens, and the use of the ENTER key to confirm credentials.


○ Resolved an issue where the XP gained from an easy task was equal to that of a hard task after completing a hard task.

○ Addressed a bug where the sound from the Satanic Sense would continue playing if the player was killed by a Werewolf at night while the sense was active.

○ Corrected the explanation of the Satanic Sense win condition in the Information book.

User Interface and User Experience:

○ Addressed a discrepancy in the book of tasks where the total XP displayed was incorrect immediately upon opening.

○ Corrected a visibility issue preventing users from seeing their current email address in the settings.

○ Fixed a crash that could occur on the victory screen if the player did not proceed to the home screen before the host exited the victory screen.

○ Fixed the minimum screen time for the Record Keeper note, ensuring messages are displayed long enough to be read properly.

Communication Systems:

○ Improved the responsiveness of the switch between dead and alive voice chats.

○ Fixed an issue where dead ghosts could hear the teleporter sound at the end of the night cycle without seeing the teleportation animation.


○ Resolved a bug where dead ghosts could become stuck in the safezone if they clicked the “Go to safezone” icon at the exact moment the voting round began.

○ Resolved a glitch that occasionally caused the total games played and kills to be duplicated in your statistics on the website.