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Introducing the $COBE token

Castle of Blackwater
Introducing the $COBE token

The Castle of Blackwater is close to opening its gates. With numerous play sessions and countless collaborations in the books, the moment of a full release is coming sooner than later. One step bringing us closer to the game is the release of the $COBE token, the entry into the world of Castle of Blackwater. 

In this article, we would love to give an elaborate overview of everything there is to know about the token, prior to the token generation event on the 29th March.

Your entry to the Castle of Blackwater

The past two years, we’ve been diligently building the world of Castle of Blackwater. With the game’s lore out there, our community growing by the day, it’s been an amazing ride so far. Through hundreds of playtime internally, with our own community and with dozens of other communities, we have optimized the game to where we are right now. Next step? COBE!

Having learned from all those who went before us creating in-game economies, we are determined to do things right and create a sustainable economy within the game. The main goal has always been, and will continue to be, to make COBE a token that holds its utility within the game. 

In no order of importance, these are the utilities of the COBE token as of now:

In-store currency – Using the COBE token you unlock a the possibility to acquire a wide variety of assets in Castle of Blackwater such as:
-Castle of Blackwater characters 
-Premium cosmetics
-Exclusive Land Plots
-Living Spaces

Wheel of fortune – Using the COBE token, players may spin the wheel of fortune inside Castle of Blackwater

Marketplace trading fees – Natively, anyone can cover the fees associated with the Castle of Blackwater marketplace with COBE tokens.

Token economics

The total supply is set to 100,000,000 (100 million) COBE tokens with no possibility for future increase in the token supply, and will be distributed as follows per the token generation event (TGE):

The initial circulating supply will be 4,300,000 COBE tokens (4.3% of the total supply). This number is based the previously stated buckets that are partially unlocked per the TGE:

〇 Community Initial Distribution – 1,000,000 COBE (100% at TGE)
〇 Seed Round – 600,000 COBE (6% at TGE) | Cliff: 6M | Vesting: 20M
〇 Strategic Round  – 800,000 COBE (8% at TGE) | Cliff: 6M | Vesting: 18M
〇 Private round  – 600,000 COBE (15% at TGE) | Cliff: 4M | Vesting: 8M
〇 Public Round  – 1,300,000 COBE (20% at TGE) | Cliff: 1M | Vesting: 7M

COBE tokens allocated for Creator/Builder fund, Tournaments, Marketing, Player incentives and Treasury will not necessarily be brought into circulation at once when they reach their respective unlocks, as these tokens will only be utilized to benefit the game when relevant.