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Important details about the token launch

Castle of Blackwater
Important details about the token launch

As we prepare ourselves for an exciting $COBE launch, we’d like to take the opportunity to bring even more clarity to the timeline of events that will occur today, so that everyone can be ready and free to follow their course of action. 


It’s important to remind everyone that $COBE will be launching both on ETH and on BEAM. The ETH token allows for easier trading, on UniSwap and exchanges, whereas the BEAM token will be where the main utility of $COBE in Castle of Blackwater will be integrated. 

As part of the $COBE BEAM token launch, Merit Circle provides a suite of ecosystem tools that will facilitate Bridging between ETH and BEAM and Swapping between $COBE and BEAMThe specific timeline on when these will be available will be outlined below. 

Seedify IDO participants will claim their tokens directly through the Seedify claiming page, which will hold $COBE in ETH, whereas Avalaunch and NeoLaunch IDO participants will have $COBE sent to their wallets on BEAM. The reason for this difference is because Seedify’s claiming infrastructure didn’t support BEAM tokens, and the gas fees for transferring to the thousands of wallets from Avalaunch and NeoLaunch are too high to do on ETH. 

Due to technical limitations surrounding the dual-token launch, it is not possible for everything to go live at once. Instead, there needs to be a chronological order of things, starting with the $COBE ETH UniSwap listing. When this happens, we remove the contract transferability locks (which are there for increased security), and are then able to proceed with setting up everything else. 

Timeline of events

15:00 UTC: $COBE / ETH LP is deployed on UniSwap, and trading on MEXC and Gate.IO begins. 

No tokens will be sent out yet and no claiming will be available for 10 minutes while we set up the bridge.

15:01 UTC – 15:10 UTC: Our developers integrate the now unlocked contract into the Beam bridge. 

Beam bridge will be live within the 10 minutes. Once the bridge is live, we will bridge the large pool of tokens for all transfers on BEAM chain, and get them ready for distribution. 

15:10 UTC: Seedify claiming page will become available for users to claim their $COBE ETH, and $COBE BEAM will be sent out to all Avalaunch and NeoLaunch participants. All other TGE unlocks will be sent out at this time.

 15:10 UTC – (max) 17:00 UTC: Somewhere between this timeframe the BeamSwap pool will go live, depending on how fast we can get it set up. If everything goes smooth, it should be within the first hour, but if we run into issues it might take up to an extra hour. During this time, $COBE BEAM holders that want to actively trade are free to bridge their assets to the ETH chain. 

BEWARE: Using the Beam bridge will incur gas fees, as there is an interaction with the Ethereum smart contract. If you intend to use the Beam bridge, be sure to load up your wallet with at least 1,000 BEAM on BEAM chain before TGE. You will not be able to get this much BEAM from the faucet. 

Token Taxation 

In an effort to combat bot sniping and facilitate a healthy price discovery process, buys and sells will be taxed within the first 12 hours after TGE. 

For block 0 and 1, buys and sells will be taxed at 30%. After that, buys and sells will be taxed at 5% for the remaining 12 hours. This taxation will only affect buying and selling in the DEX’s. 

All taxed tokens will be burned and removed from the supply forever.

Beam $COBE staking!

$COBE holders that are eager to hold their tokens and would like to put them to work are able to temporarily lock their $COBE in an exciting cosmetics staking contract. Depending on how much $COBE you lock up, and the duration of your lock, you will receive xCOBE in exchange. 

xCOBE is an untransferable currency that can only be spent inside the xCOBE Cosmetics marketplace. In this marketplace, you will find a limited edition collection of on-chain cosmetics, that will only ever be available in this marketplace. Bought cosmetics will instantly be sent to your connected wallet address (EVM) on the Beam chain, and can be traded freely on Sphere Marketplace. 

Spending xCOBE does not affect your staked $COBE, which can always be withdrawn in full after your lock-up. Each cosmetic will have a limited supply depending on its rarity, and when sold out it will be removed from the marketplace and replaced with a new one. 

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