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End Of Year Stakeholder Video 2023🎅🎄

Castle of Blackwater
End Of Year Stakeholder Video 2023🎅🎄

Though the weather outside is frightful, development at Castle of Blackwater has remained delightful. 

As we’ve started a brand new year, filled with new opportunities and excitement, we wrote an extensive end of year review that covered most of last years’ achievements. 

 If you haven’t yet, check it out here by clicking here.

 Next up, we also created an update video last month to highlight some of the areas we’re working on in the short term. The release of this video was supposed to be paired with the sending out of some amazing gifts to our community, but unfortunately, we’re experiencing some longer-than-expected delays that are preventing us from spreading this love. 

Nevertheless, we didn’t want to wait any longer in releasing this video out to everyone, now that we all still have one foot in the holiday season. 

So please, enjoy the video as is, and know that any references to airdrops will be fulfilled as soon as our brand new COB cosmetics NFT collection is functioning properly on Sphere marketplace. 

On behalf of the Castle of Blackwater team we want to thank our community for their support last year. Know that we will send out an update once the technical issues have been resolved and the rewards have been sent out!

We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming play sessions!

All the best,

🏰 The Castle of Blackwater team