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Community Benefits Update for June 2024

Castle of Blackwater
Community Benefits Update for June 2024

Dear Villagers,

Gather ’round, for we’ve got some thrilling updates and benefits to share with our cherished community this month! We’re always looking for new ways to provide value to our community of holders and supporters, and a few exciting new initiatives for you to participate in!

DripFi $COBE Airdrop Campaign

One of our most exciting partnership announcements this month is with DripFi! Drip is a revolutionary new Launchpool protocol where users can temporarily stake their ETH or stablecoins in exchange for token airdrops.

As part of our recently announced partnership, Drip stakers can now participate in a $COBE Comfy Brew, where they are able to passively earn $COBE tokens in exchange for temporarily locking some ETH or USDC. Every day you stake you will earn points, which at the end of the 8 week campaign will be allocated a portion of the eligible $COBE tokens.

Participants are free to unstake at any time without any penalty. The $COBE pool will also feature increasingly exciting stretch goals, meaning that the higher the TVL gets, the more $COBE will be allocated to the entire pool of participants. This means that inviting your friends to participate will not dilute your own rewards, but actually boost them further!

Also, holders of a Castle of Blackwater Cosmetics NFT will receive a 10% boost to their points score, and holders of a Character NFT will receive a 20% bonus!

xCOBE Claiming for NFT holders

We’re excited to unveil our newly developed Discord verification bot, crafted by our brilliant CTO Helmer. This bot brings you the convenience of verifying your Castle of Blackwater assets on Beam chain by linking your Discord.

Since last month, all Castle of Blackwater Character NFT holders need to re-verify their assets. This process has reset removed all previous holder roles, so everyone needs to re-verify to regain them. Especially important for our OG Genesis Holders, be sure to re-verify to restore your roles and reclaim access to the exclusive OG-genesis channel.

To verify your assets, head to the Beam-verification channel in our Discord, click on “Link Wallet,” which will take you to the Castle of Blackwater website. Now, connect your Discord account to ensure roles are added correctly, and finally, link your wallet to your Discord. Voilà! You’ll receive your Discord roles. If you encounter any issues, please open a support ticket for assistance.

With the advent of xCOBE in our staking marketplace, we’re phasing out gold collection from the gold-collect channel, transforming it into the xCOBE-collect channel. All previously collected gold will be securely stored and airdropped into your game account upon the public launch of Castle of Blackwater. Use this gold to purchase your first off-chain cosmetics, animations, skins, and more within the game. As of now, you can collect xCOBE every 24 hours to buy exclusive web3 cosmetics from our website’s marketplace, which will be airdropped to your wallet on a monthly basis. Once you bought them they will appear in your sphere marketplace account.

Our developers are hard at work to enable all holders to wear their Castle of Blackwater cosmetics in-game. Soon, you’ll be able to showcase your unique style and stand out in the Castle, enriching your gameplay with personalized visual flair.

Space Mavericks Airdrop Campaign

We’re thrilled to reveal a renewed collaboration with Space Mavericks, a fun web3 game that masterfully blends elements of classic artillery, MOBA, and Battle Royale into a single epic adventure. This partnership is set to bring fantastic rewards and exclusive opportunities to our community through their Airdrop Campaign, which launched on June 12th, 2024.

In this campaign, Space Mavericks is offering a massive prize pool of 13,000,000 $MVRK tokens! Holders of a Castle of Blackwater Genesis X NFT or holders of at least 250 $COBE will receive a 1.5x airdrop points multiplier for their Adventure Mode, significantly boosting their rewards. This multiplier ensures that your dedication and participation are richly rewarded, allowing you to maximize the benefits from this campaign.

Learn more about the Airdrop Campaign by visiting the Space Mavericks website. This collaboration is part of our ongoing mission to bring exclusive opportunities and rewards to our community, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional value and experiences.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and opportunities as we continue to enhance your Castle of Blackwater experience every day.

Until next time, keep questing, challenging the castle, and may your journeys be ever prosperous!

The Castle of Blackwater Team