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Beta Season Kick-off

Castle of Blackwater
Beta Season Kick-off

On Friday the 1st of March, Castle of Blackwater is proud to kick off the March Beta Season with a spectacular tournament.

10 carefully selected challengers will be facing off against each other, in a best out of 3 Blackwater showdown, for a chance to stake their claim as the true champion of Blackwater, and walk away with glorious prizes.

The Event

The tournament will start at 18:00 CET – 10:00 MST – 12:00 EST – 01:00 HKT, and will be organized in the Castle of Blackwater Discord. Spectators are welcome to watch a live stream of the event in our Discord hangout, or through one of the direct streams from the participants.

The contestants will play 3 games, in which each will be given a random role every time they play. Whoever can win the most games out of their 3 will be crowned the champion and take home the main cash prize. Other award categories will be decided on by the community and spectators, meaning that Discord spectators will get a vote in which participants will go home with prizes.

Discord spectators will also have opportunities to win some prizes along the way, so be sure to stop by for a chance at the spectator prize pool!

The Participants

The tournament participants have each been carefully selected on their previous engagements with Castle of Blackwater. Each of these contestants has previously played Castle of Blackwater, and will therefore have a good understanding of the gameplay mechanics and strategies. This will ensure that the game being played will be filled with excitement and carefully crafted deceptions. One to watch! The participants fighting for glory are:

  • Richie: Founder of RichieLand Web3 gaming community, Elixir Launcher content creator, and Knight of The Wardens Gaming Community.
  • Trading Aloha: Former Gaming Growth Marketer for Avalabs & Content Creator for Avalaunch App
  • Coop: Marketing Director at Avalanch Gaming & Avax Content Creator
  • ProfessorLP: Head of Community of Merit Circle
  • Tradesgiving: Socials Rising Founder, Game7 DAO Guardian & Planet Atmos Community Manager
  • Billybones: Content Creator of The Catalyst , Founder of Boneyard Gaming and Podcast Host.
  • Luke Jech: Content Creator of Krill Gaming and former Marketing Manager at Champions Ascension
  • Blitz: Neozen Project Advis, Mythics Co-Founder & Community Manager at The Wardens Gaming Guild
  • Zygno: Tokeneconomic Consultant & Content Creator
  • KGLimited: Founder of the Wardens Gaming Guild & Competitive Gamer

Join in

You won’t want to miss this spectacular kick-off to the Castle of Blackwater Beta season, so be sure to join on the 1st of March 2024 at 8:00 CET – 10:00 MST – 12:00 EST – 01:00 HKT

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