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Play2Airdrop Campaign 🪂

Castle of Blackwater
Play2Airdrop Campaign 🪂

Dear everyone,

This message goes out not only to the loyal Villagers of Castle of Blackwater, but also to the friends we met along the way and the strangers we have yet to interact with.

Castle of Blackwater has just officially entered into its Beta season, and with that, we’re excited to officially announce and clarify the details surrounding our highly anticipated Play2Airdrop campaign. 🪂

The goal of this campaign is to both to attract new people to come and challenge the castle’s magical quest, as it is to reward those who have helped us shape it to what it is today. After many months of strategising, we believe our current incentive structure will achieve these goals excellently. So without further ado, here’s what to expect:

Timeline ⌛

The Play2Airdrop campaign will kick off on Friday, March 8, 2024 8:00 PM CET , and will last until Sunday, March 24, 2024 8:00 PM CET. This will create a 16 day window during which anyone can participate in the campaign, by challenging the castle for its favours.

Getting Started 🧐

In order to participate, challengers should head over to and create an account (under the: ”account v” section in the top navgiation) or log-in to an existing one. Players can access their player dashboard by navigating to the account page, where they can keep track of their player statistics. Your website account will have the same credentials as your game account, so if you have a game account already, you can use that to log in.

In your account page, you can also connect your wallet. Holding Castle of Blackwater Genesis NFT’s will give you a big boost to your airdrop allocation, with each faction giving an increasing multiplier score. 📈 

Player stats

Once you have an account, you can dive into Castle of Blackwater and get playing. You can launch the game through the Elixir Launcher.

From now on, every time you play a game, your gameplay stats will be recorded into your account dashboard. We’ll be tracking a lot of stats, but the only ones that count for your Airdrop allocation can be found at the top of your stats page:

Your “Games Played” and “Games Won” will be the primary statistics setting the foundation of your “Beta Score”. If you have connected your wallet and also hold our Genesis NFT’s in there, these will be counted as a multiplier on top of your score. The multiplication factor starts at 1, and can be increased based on how many NFT’s you hold, and the faction they belong to. 🌟Protectors = +1 – Satanic = +2 – Forgotten = +3 🌟

At the end of the campaign, your percentage of the airdrop allocation will be decided by your Beta Score in relation to the total Beta Score achieved by all players.

Airdrop Prize Pool 🏆

In order to ensure maximum distribution of the early token pool, we’re offering a growing prize pool that scales with the amount of players participating during the campaign.

The total prize pool we have available for this airdrop campaign is 500,000 $COBE tokens, or 0.5% of the token supply. The actual prize pool starts at 0, and increases with 500 $COBE tokens for every new user that plays at least 1 game and is eligible to receive a reward. The maximum prize pool will be reached at 1,000 airdrop participants! 🪂

In order to help reach the maximum prize pool, feel free to invite your friends to play. More players = more prizes!

A single player’s airdrop allocation will be calculated according to the following formula: Estimated Airdrop Allocation = ([your beta score] / [total combined beta score]) X [actual prize pool] 🧮

Finding Players 🫂 

Castle of Blackwater is best played with a full lobby of 10 people, and needs a minimum of 7 players to start a game. The best way to ensure you can play a full game, is by inviting 6 of your closest friends to join you, or by organising a game night within your own community.

The second best way is to keep an eye out on our Discord events tab. During the beta, we will strive to organise daily sessions, where everyone is invited to come together in our Discord and play.

Finally, when you host a lobby in the game, you’ll see a “summon players” button. Pressing this button will send a ping out far and wide in the #🔮║summon-channel, inviting other players to come and join your active lobby. Players in our Discord can claim a @BetaGamers role by navigating to the #🕹️║beta-gamers channel. With this role, you will be pinged whenever another player is looking for players.

Final Words ❤️

In order to really enjoy playing Castle of Blackwater, we recommend spending a little time reading into the rules. In the game, you’ll find some helpful short-form documentation by clicking the “?” or “i” icons. However, to really get a good understanding of the game, we highly recommend reading the wiki or watching this Youtube tutorial video. 📜 Check video by clicking here.

Furthermore, it’s important to play fair and not try to cheat or bot this campaign. Know that we have built a lot of hidden anti-cheat and bot flagging features in the Beta build. If you are caught grinding the airdrop campaign without actually engaging in authentic play, you will be banned at the end of the campaign and all of your efforts will have been wasted. We reserve the full right to remove anyone from this campaign that we deem suspicious of cheating or botting. 🤖

With all that said, we truly hope that this campaign will reach as many gamers as possible, and gives them the urge to come and try out our game that we have been passionately building for the past 2 years.

See you in the Castle! 🏰