Questions you might have
What is Castle of Blackwater?
Castle of Blackwater is an upcoming Social Deduction, Play & Earn game that is powered by the blockchain. Within our game, players have full control over their digital assets (NFT’s), and can hold, trade, rent or sell these assets at their will. Our game economy is based on a ERC-20 cryptocurrencies, which can also be earnt, bought and sold on the secondary market. Castle of Blackwater will feature some revolutionary new economical mechanics that aim to create a sustainable, scalable and self-balancing Play & Earn economy.
What is Social Deduction?
Social Deduction is a genre of game in which players attempt to uncover each other's hidden role or team allegiance through communication and perception. By analysing the behaviours and alibi’s of different players, one can slowly find more evidence and build up a case against another player. There is usually a ‘good’ and an ‘evil’ side, in which the good are trying to achieve an objective and the evil are pretending to be good, but secretly eliminating them.
What blockchain network are you on?
We are, first and foremost, a company that believes in the absolute scale, robustness and security that the Ethereum blockchain offers. Because of this, we have decided to launch our initial NFT collection on the Ethereum mainnet, in order to reach a wider audience and assure a higher level of decentralization of our digital assets. However, given its meteoric rise in attention and adoption, we see that the network has become overly congested and is not well-suited to facilitate the amount of transaction that a blockchain game will require. Therefore, after looking into many L1 and L2 solutions, we have decided that we will be building the majority of our authentication infrastructure on the Polygon sidechain.
Who is behind this project?
Our project believes in full transparency, as we have nothing to hide. Everyone on the core team is full doxed and can be traced across many different social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Our founders are two tech entrepreneurs that have been involved in blockchain since 2016. Among the core team we also have a very experienced game dev, blockchain dev, web dev, and a marketing manager. A full list of our team members can be found in our wiki:
When will the game launch?
One of the reasons that we have chosen to build a 2D social deduction game, is that the development time is much shorter than a 3D game. Our objective is to have a playable version released as soon as possible, and we are confident that we can achieve this in less than 1 year after being fully funded. NFT holders will be able to start playing much sooner, as we are aiming for a private alpha before the end of 2022.
What do I need to prepare for the NFT mint?
In order to mint our NFT, you will need a digital wallet (such as MetaMask) and some cryptocurrency (Ethereum) to cover the NFT cost and gas fee. Although we are currently exploring ways to introduce a credit card NFT purchasing feature, we still recommend pre-installing a digital wallet, buying some Ethereum from your trusted exchange and having that available in your wallet for the mint. The mint experience will only be available in a web browser and the quick mint will become available 10 minutes after the Mint Experience goes live. If you are hoping to mint one of the rarer NFT’s (Satanic or Forgotten), we recommend going through the mint experience and having a digital wallet with enough Ethereum ready for the launch. IMPORTANT: Remember to have some extra Ethereum in your wallet to pay for the gas fees.
What are gas fees?
Gas fees can be considered similar to a transaction fee. When an NFT is minted on the blockchain, the metadata of the NFT is digitally sent and stored on the Ethereum network. This blockchain transaction costs a fee, as it required validators to approve it. Our blockchain developer is using state of the art gas reduction practices, to ensure the gas fee will be as low as possible while still being secure and safe. Gas fees can vary greatly depending on how congested the network is. We recommend having an extra 0.1 ETH in your wallet to ensure that you have enough ETH to cover gas fees for your mints.
What is a Mint Experience?
Castle of Blackwater has re-imagined the NFT minting process by creating a unique, gamified purchasing experience. People who want to buy our NFT using the Mint Experience, will first be loaded into a browser-based minigame. In this minigame, the prospective buyer will get the chance to meet the founders of each of the three factions, learning more about the intricate history of Castle of Blackwater. Players will have to find a way to access the different faction rooms, where they can mint their NFT directly from within the mini-game. We are the FIRST Play&Earn game to ever introduce a feature like this, and are excited to be pioneering at the forefront of NFT innovation.
Need Help?
If this is your first time minting an NFT, absolutely no problem. Part of our mission is to help on-board new people into the decentralised revolution, and we’re honoured that you have chosen our project to be your first. In the video’s below, we’ll walk you through all the required steps to get you started and ready to mint your first NFT.